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Middle of the World Monument

Whole Tour & Tickets Included

(with transportation and personal guide)
La Mitad del Mundo
Middl of the World City
Planetarium at the Mitad del Mundo
History of The Equator Line
Bullfight Ring - Mitad del Mundo
Quito's Traditional Bird
Ecuador's Variate Climates
Middle of the World Shopping Store
Interactive Museum - Mitad del Mundo
Shop & Eat at the Mitad del Mundo
Guayasamin Exhibition

Ecuador's most visited attraction is the "Mitad del Mundo" attraction. And this is because there are only a few places in the world where you can take a picture with one foot in each hemisphere. In order to honor the historical efforts of the geodesic mission, the equatorial monument (also called middle of the world monument), was built 13 kilometers north of the center of Quito (technically the monument t is located in San Antonio, Pichincha). Visitors can enjoy the views from the top of the monument at a height of 30 meters of the equinoctial valley.


With your Bucket Pass Quito you will get transportation to and from the equatorial monument, a guided tour of the complex, and full access to all museums including the nine level ethnographic & interactive museum. Additionally the tour stops at Pululahua to visit the viewpoint of a civilization living inside a crater.


Ciudad Mitad del Mundo also features a planetarium, a miniature model of colonial Quito in its permanent exhibit, an exhibition of Guayasamin paintings, and several pavilions of different countries. 


If you visit Mitad del Mundo on a weekend, chances are that you will enjoy the live of performance of a traditional music band or artist, or a show of traditional dancers. This is a must-do on your visit to Ecuador, certainly one of the best things to do in Quito.


Fun fact: Here you can also see how to balance an egg on a nail and that a kilo actually weighs less than anywhere else.

Operating Hours:

Tour begins at the "Holiday Inn Express Quito" Hotel. Av. Francisco de Orellana E6-54 Y, Quito 170522



"Holiday Inn Express Quito"




Tour Schedule:

  • 11:00 to 11:45 – Pick up

  • 12:00 – Beginning of the tour

  • Visit to Pululahua Volcano Crater viewpoint

  • Visit Mitad del Mundo complex

  • Visit Equator Line Museum

  • 5:30 PM Depart from Mitad del Mundo

  • 6:30-7:15 Arrival back at pickup places

  • 7:15 End of Tour

Attraction Instructions

Make sure to arrive at one of the pickup locations at least 15 minutes early. Present your ticket and ID to the person at the ticket booth for scanning. Board the bus. Day includes tour inside the complex, and transportation to and from the attraction (including entrance fees.


Transportation is provided on the Quito Tour Bus

Departure is daily from one of three pickup locations:


    Address: Venezuela Street and Espejo (Downtown – Plaza Grande)


    Address: Reina Victoria between Calama and Mariscal Foch Street. Quito Tour Bus stop.


    Address: Naciones Unidas and Shyris. (In front of “Banco del Pacífico”)

Attraction Tips

Start by visiting the the miniature model of the colonial architecture of the historic center with its temples, plazas, public buildings, and neighborhoods. This work was declared in 1989 as a Cultural Asset of Ecuador by the National Institute of Cultural Heritage.


On Saturdays and Sundays you will find traditional artistic presentations of music and dance so take advantage of this!

Nearby Amenities

Tour includes a visit to "Pululahua" volcano. This is one of the few craters in the world where people live inside of it! 

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