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Save 20% on the best tours in Galapagos. Explore on a budget and save money.

Galapagos' Best Tours

in one pass

Galapagos' Best Alternative for Tours on a Budget.

You choose when you go to each, according to your schedule.
Walk inside Galapagos Lava Tunnels and visit Charles Darwin Science station on your way to Santa Cruz from Baltra airport.
  • Get picked up at the Baltra airport

  • Hike through Lava Tunnels

  • Visit the largest Turtle Reserve

  • Explore the Darwin Scientific Station

Discounted tours to Tortuga Beach, Sea Lions, Snorkeling and fresh water excursions in Galapagos
  • Hike to the beautiful Tortuga Beach

  • Watch Sea Lions in "La Lobería"

  • Fall in love at the "Canal del Amor"

  • Finalize at "Playa de los Perros"

affordable Snorkel with sharks, fish, and be on a yacht tour in Galapagos
  • Ride on a yacht to Santa Fe Island

  • Make sashimi out of your own fishing

  • Ride a dinghy to Playa Escondida

  • Snorkel with sharks

Get picked up on your Santa Cruz and dropped off at the Baltra airport and in the way visit an organic Galapagos coffee plantation
  • Get picked up at your Santa Cruz hotel

  • Visit an organic Galápagos coffee plantation

  • Get dropped off at the Baltra airport

The Most Affordable Way to Explore Galápagos:
20% Off Tours

Added Cost of Activities: $687 

Bucket Pass Galapagos: $550

How the Galápagos Bucket Pass Works

Don't wait until you get there to book your tours, reserve all tours with your credit card in one safe transaction and don't worry about taking cash there.

one safe transaction

Save 20% off the regular prices of the Santa Cruz tour activities included. The most affordable way to be in Galapagos, savings of $137 USD per person. 

20% off

We've compiled the best and most affordable Galapagos tours to experience the entire island on a budget.


no research

reserve ahead, buy and book your tours to Galapagos guaranteed spots.
Affordable can be affordable with our tours, excursions and transfers
Flexible relaxing tours in Galapagos on a budget
What are the best and most affordable tours in Galapagos and Santa Cruz?

Galápagos Bucket Pass Benefits

Discover Santa Cruz island and its surroindings at your own pace. You pick the days for your best Galapagos tours.

We will be ready for you at the Baltra airport to pick you up. Each day, we will pick you up for tours at your Santa Cruz hotel in the morning.

Provide your travel information and your desired dates of tours. You will receive your pass in an email and we will confirm with you personally within 24 hours. 

Buy and reserve your Galapagos Bucket Pass online with a credit card in one simple and secure payment. 

Not looking for a cruise? Stay in land explore Galapagos from a different perspective.
Buy your Galapagos tours and excursions from your phone, tablet or desktop and save money
How to get from Baltra airport to Santa Cruz Galapagos (Transfer)
Buses and Ferry from Galapagos airport to hotel in Santa Cruz
Reserve your spot on the best and most affordable tours in the island
Sample Galapagos Itinerary

What does using a Bucket Pass Galapagos really look like? While you have flexibility to use your Bucket Pass at your leasure, here is a sample itinerary to use your Bucket Pass in just 5 days in Santa cruz while not missing the best adventures and dining on the islands.

Day 1

Snorkel and interact with sea turtles in Galapagos

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

Day 5

You will be picked up at the Baltra airport, regardless of the time you arrive and take a bus to the public ferry to Santa Cruz island. Once in the island you will visit authentic Galapagos lava tunnels and the Charles Darwin Scientific Station before checking into your hotel.

Enjoy dinner in town. Il Giardino is a great italian restaurant on the island.*

Start your day hiking to and enjoying Tortuga Beach and Bay.

After lunch, snorkel with Sea Turtles, get ready to interact with sea lions at the "La Loberia" and follow the path to "Canal del Amor" to observe reef sharks and to "Playa de los Perros" to bath in fresh water. 

Try dinner at La Garrapata, one the best sea food dining experiences on the island.*

Take the day to explore the islands on your own and relax on the beautiful Galapagos beaches.*

Start out with lunch at the Galapagos Deli for Pizza & Gelato and dinner at Natsumi (sushi). For an evening out check out La Panga Discotheque. *

Enjoy a day on the sea with the Full Day Yacht Tour to Santa Fe Island.

Pickup is between 6 am and 8 am. Fish for your own lunch (included) off the side of the boat, snorkel with sea lions, and relax at the best beaches on Santa Fe island.

For dinner, check out the hyper-local K.F. Williams.*

Our tour guide will pick you up from your hotel to take you to Baltra airport. However, en route, visit a sustainable and organic Galapagos coffee plantation, which is part of a social responsibility program.

*Not included in your pass.

It seems very obvious to say this, but the trip was nothing short of incredible.  The only set back from the trip is that I am now in the situation where I have no idea what I am going to do when I have a mid life crisis, but I’m sure something will pop up.  If and when you have the opportunity to go I highly recommend bringing a camera to capture this once in a lifetime experience, that way you will be able to remember it forever.


Kyle Ford, Review from Gray Line Tours

Galapagos Can Be Cheap

See the reviews that people who are travelling to Galapagos with Bucket Pass are having.
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