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Canopy Baños, Puntzan

6 routes, 2,000 meters surrounded by wonderful landscapes

Canopy Baños, Puntzan.


This is a truly unique adventure that you can not miss. The Canopy in Puntzan is an outdoor adventure, perfect for the whole family, it is located right at the foot of the hill of Sangay National Park in Baños de Agua Santa.


The tour starts at 9 am or 3 pm, the meeting point is in puntzan, about 15 minutes from baños.


This Canopy or also called Zipline is one of the longest in Baños, consists of 2,000 meters with 6 routes surrounded by an incredible and beautiful landscape, as well as a waterfall and a river. The duration of the trip will be from 2 to 3 hours approximately.



Operational Days:  Everyday: 9:00 a.m. to  5:00pm.


How to get here: Follow Run Tun until you reach a curve, turn left at the fork (dirt road).
Drive until you cross a small bridge, there you will see the parking lot and the sign. 


Phone Number: (+593) 3 274 3472




Tour Info: This Ticket offers a guided tour through zip line system, including safety equipment.



Private transportation, guide, equipment.


Transportation to and from hotels. Food.

Zip Lining Pack

First line 150 meters: Where the tourist receives a safety talk and can practice the sitting style.


Second line 300 metersIn this line the tourist has two options to sit or practice the bat style.


Third line 250 meters: In this line we carry out the Superman style.


Fourth line 350 meters: In this line we recommend going the normal style to be able to appreciate. 


Fifth line 450 meters: This is ideal for lovers since both can go together at the same time.


Sixth line 550 meters: This is the last and longest where we catch speed of up to 80 km per hour.



Adventure Pack

Flying canopy
450 meters
Altitude: starts at 70 meters and ends at 2 meters, speed: up to 90 km/hr.
In the middle: 4 minutes on foot


Canopy sitting
300 meters
Altitude: starts at 70 meters and ends at 2 meters, speed: up to 70 km/hr
Between: 10 minutes on foot


2 lines of Tibetan bridge
60 meters
Altitude: 15 meters
In the middle: via Ferrata: 10 meters (curve)


Flying Skateboard
100 meters
Altitude: 30 meters
In the middle: Via Ferrata: 40 meters (going up)


Tibetan Bridge
90 meters
Altitude: 80 meters
In the middle: via Ferrata: 15 meters (going up)


Each activity allows you to see impressive landscapes and connect more with the flora and fauna that surrounds you. With a total of 5 activities, we can assure you that your adventure will be full of adrenaline, challenges, and excitement that you will never forget.



  • Wear comfortable clothes and shoes.

  • Repellent.

  • Waterproof jacket in case of rain.


This pass is valid for only one of the two attractions offered here (either the Adventure Pack or the zip lines), in case you want to do both activities, you must pay an additional price in the locality.

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