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Galapagos History Tour

Transfer Airport (Baltra) to Hotel (Isla Santa Cruz)

Important Info

Tour Operating Days / Hours: 


* Please notice that if your flight arrives after 12:30 PM to Baltra airport, you might not be able to get into Charles Darwin Scientific Station as this closes at 4 pm.


Telephone Numbers: 

(593-2) 394-8520 OR 1-800-472-954 (Toll Free From Ecuador)



3.5 hours


You will have a private transfer waiting for you when you get to the Baltra airport and it will take you to your Santa Cruz hotel after going through lava tunnels and the Charles Darwin Scientific Station. 


Regular transfers (SIB) depart and return only from the following hotels: Galapagos Inn, Red Booby, Mainao, Galapagos Suites, Fernandina, Villa Laguna, Silberstein, Island Sol, SolyMar, Angermeyer, Royal Palm.

Day Activities Included

Watch, observe and interact with giant turtles in the Galapagos by going to a natural reserve.

Next you will make a stop at the underground lava tunnels made of solidified volcano magma and get an understanding of how the archipielago was formed.

Take a tour through the Charles Darwin Research Station explores the history and scientific discovery of Darwin's theory of evolution that came out of his research in the Galapagos Islands.

Get picked up by a professional tour guide at the Baltra airport and we will take you by bus and ferry to your Santa Cruz hotel in the island.

But first, visit the famous Giant turtle reserve (where Lonely George used to live!). These turtles were in captivity and rescued so feed them, talk to them, but don't race them! 

Explore the lava tunnels in the Galapagos Islands with a tour guide and understand the islands formation.

All this history and science will come together when you visit to the Scientific Charles Darwin Station: the species found on the island, its origin, the conservation programs, and much more of what inspired the Theory of Evolution.

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