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Have a Group Coming?

More savings here. Contact us and let us help you.

Bucket is great for all kinds of groups:

Cultural Exchange Programs

Bucket Pass includes visits to 2 museums, a historic church, the middle of the world and more.



Use Bucket to take weekend outings with your volunteer groups.

Travel Agencies or

Tour Operators

Make Bucket a part of your tour or travel package



Make Bucket a part of your orientation to see the top attractions.

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Product Details

Includes access to:

1. Mitad del Mundo (includes guided tour and transportation)

2. Iglesia de la Compañía (tour included)

3. Quito Tour Bus (Day or Night Quito Tour)

4. Capilla del Hombre and House of Guayasamín (includes tour)


Product Benefits

1. Save 20% compared to normal ticket price

2. Skip ticket lines and have complete access to attractions. 

3. Buy with a credit / debit card

4. Valid for 6 months after purchase

Group Discounts

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