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La Capilla del Hombre & Guayasamín's Museum

museum and home of  Ecuador's most famous artist
History Video of Guayasamin
The Best Art Museum in Quito
Capilla del Hombre's Entrance
Capilla del Hombre
Guayasamin's House and Museum View
Eternal Flame at Capilla del Hombre
House of Oswaldo Guayasamin in Quito
Guayasamin's Art Studio in Quito
Where Guaysamin Painted
Guaysamin's Dining Room
Best Views of Quito

Opening Hours: 

Open from 10 am to 5 pm Monday to Sunday

Closed on Holidays


Mariano Calvache E18-94 y Lorenzo Chávez,

Bellavista, Quito


Telephone Numbers: 2446-455 / 2452-938





Your pass includes access and a free tour to Casa-Museo

Guayasamín and Capilla del Hombre

The "Capilla del Hombre" (also called Chapel of Man) is the tribute to the most important Ecuadorian visual artist of all times, Oswaldo Guayasamín. It is also considered the most important art museum and gallery in Quito and Ecuador. Here you will find pre-Columbian archaeological objects, artifacts of colonial times, objects Guayasamin used to collect and, of course, all the works and collections of this famous artist.


In the Capilla del Hombre you will see the "Eternal Flame" advocating for peace and human rights, and the "Tree of Life", where the remains of the artist are buried.


Included in your Bucket Pass is the access to Guayasamín's home, the same place where he lived and worked in his later years. You will be able to tour around his dormitory, his studio and even his closet!

A free tour guide who speaks English, Spanish, and French, will join you around the museum, explaining every art piece. Additionally, enjoy this attraction and sit down to enjoy the incredible view of Quito that the place offers!

Attraction Instructions

Museum admission includes guided tours around the "Capilla" available in Spanish, English and French starting every 20 minutes. The tour is about 45 minutes per museum, so we recommended to schedule at least 2 hours for this visit.

How To Get to "Capilla del Hombre"?

Walking: Although the attraction is located in a very central place in the city, we don't recommend walking because of the steep slope. However, if you're up for the hiking challenge, get to 6 de Diciembre and Bosmediano and go up the cobbled street. Once you arrive to the TV channel Ecuavisa, turn right and keep going up until you reach the destination 


By Bus: You can take the line "Vencedores de Bellavista", which runs along Avenida Eloy Alfaro before starting the ascent. This line does not run on Sundays.


By Taxi: This is what we would recommend in most cases. The fare will depend on your starting point, but Capilla del Hombre is centrally located and taxis are cheap in Quito!

Attraction Tips

The attraction features lockers for backpacks or luggage. Photographs are not permitted inside the museum; however you may photograph the exterior and gardens.

Nearby "Capilla del Hombre"

Explore the charming neighborhood of Bellavista by getting some cocktails in Omamas or a romantic dinner at the Carmin or Viola Bistro. 

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