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Becoming a Vendor

Learn more about selling Bucket Passes at your site

Who are we looking for?

Hotels and Hostels

Offer our passes to your guests and make a commision from each sale 

Travel Agencies or

Tour Operators

Make Bucket a part of your tour or travel package

Travel and 

Souvenir Shops

Advertise and sell tickets in your store for a procede of the sales

Study Abroad, Cultural, or Volunteer Programs

Make Bucket a part of your orientation or sell the passes to your participants

Travel Related


Feature a link to Bucket on your website for a commission on clicks

Why sell with Bucket?

Commission Opportunites

Offer our passes to your guests and make a commission from each sale 

Easily Online Platform

Ticket are sold through a simple online portal when connected to the internet

You have our Support

Our support forums are open anytime you are

Credit Cards Accepted

We handle the transaction in the United States and most countries around the world

One Stop Shop

No need to send your customers all over town, Bucket has the top five attractions in one pass

Guaranteed Best Price

Bucket Passes are a guaranteed lower price than entrance at the attractions 

Hotels, Hostels, Travel Shops and Study Abroad Programs have the opportunity to partner with Bucket Pass in Quito, Ecuador

We'd love to be in touch to find how you can earn by selling Bucket Passes. Leave your information below so we can contact you.


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