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Frequently Asked Questions

What happens after I buy?

After your purchase is confirmed, you will get an email from us containing a PDF with the tickets for every ticket purchased. Those are the tickets that will give you admission to the top attractions and activities in your destination. Each ticket is valid for entrance into four attractions.


If you did not receive an email with your tickets from us, please check your Junk folder. If you did this already and still can’t find the tickets, please click here or on the support button above for further assistance.

How long is my Bucket Pass valid for? / When does my Bucket Pass expire?

6 months after you buy it. Regardless of the first use, your Bucket Pass will be valid up to 180 days after we receive your order. 

After I get my Bucket Pass, how much time do I have to wait before I can start using my tickets?

None. Even if you buy it outside the attraction with your phone or tablet, you can use that device to show your ticket and redeem it for entrance once you get the email. 

Can I visit an attraction more than once?

No. Each ticket you receive in your Bucket Pass is only valid for one attraction for one person. If you want to visit an attraction more than once you will have to buy another Bucket Pass or buy a ticket at the attraction.

Can I return a Bucket Pass after I’ve purchased it?

Yes, you have three months after your purchase to get a full refund. After this time, no refunds will be given.

Can I change the name that appears in my Bucket Pass?

We encourage people during the buying process to put the name of the person who is going to be present at the time of redeeming the tickets. A national ID will be required to redeem this pass at the attraction.


However, we also understand unexpected events might occur sometimes, so if you want to change the name that appears in your ticket, please contact us here.

Can I share my Bucket Pass with other people?

No, Bucket Passes are intransferrible. Only the person who’s name matches with the ticket will be allowed entrance to an attraction.

Do Bucket Pass prices include taxes?

Yes. The price you are looking at is accounting for taxes that each attraction has to pay locally, there is however a service fee for your purchase that will be included at checkout.

Is it safe to pay in this website?

All credit card transactions are handled by Braintree Payments, a PayPal company which guarantees 100% protection for you. Bucket will not store any credit card information, we only get and save the information you see in your tickets.

Are there blackout dates to use a Bucket Pass?

Nope. As long as the attraction is open, you are able to use the tickets included in your price. Please refer to each attraction’s page or the information provided in your Bucket Pass for days and times when these attractions will be closed.


Sometimes attractions might have to close due to weather conditions or natural disasters. Unfortunately, we are not responsible for unforeseen events.

Is there a particular order that I need to follow to visit the attractions?

No. With Bucket you decide how to schedule your agenda. As long as the attractions are open, you will be welcomed in any of them at any time.

Can I put the ticket under someone else’s name? / Can I give a Bucket Pass as a gift?

Of course! We are thankful that you have chosen us to express your love. Just make sure you put their name in the order processing page and their email in the last field.

Are Bucket Pass attractions handicapped-friendly?

We do our best to find the best attractions in each destination that are handicapped-friendly. Unfortunately, however, not all attractions in Latin America are there yet so please visit the attraction pages and look for the handicapped symbol. 

Can tour operators, tourist offices, or exchange programs sell bucket passes?

Yes. If you work in any of these, please contact us here.

If I have a car, where do I park?

Some attractions offer free parking, others offer paid parking and some do not have parking available. You can find parking information on attraction pages or by visiting the attractions website.

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