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February 23rd, 2015

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Karissa Jobman

Tax Return top 10 things what to do in Quito


Remember that time you saw your pretax pay check and then decided to forget you ever did moments later. Well it's that time of year that the taxes you paid will pay you back. Instead of adding that money to your everyday expenses, do something extraordinary. Here's ten ways to use your extra cash to escape the mundane: 



#1) Weekend Road Trip


With a couple extra bucks, why bother thinking twice about hoping into your car and driving a few states (or one if your out west). A weekend get away will remind you that adventure is accessible, and not something to save for retirement.



Top 10 Things to do with your Tax Return

#2) Buy an anniversary gift for your Parents


They birthed you, they raised you, and they broke their bank in the process. It’s time to show your gratitude with a meaningful gift, whether that be a new tech gadget or a date night package.



#3) Pay back debts to Friends or Sallie Mae


Reality check – our generation is found to be the most indebted yet. Take your extra chunk of change to get ahead on your student loan monthly statement or just resurrect that $20 you owe your friend from a night out.



#4) Make your First investment in the Stock Market or a Roth IRA account


Investing young can be the most powerful use of mathematics. By starting in your twenties, you can take advantage of compound interest and have a million dollar cushion by retirement. 



#5) Take a class to learn a new Trade or Art


Have you been talking about learning to play the guitar or get in shape for years, or maybe you would love to take your partner to a mixology course to learn to concoct delicious cocktails? When you take time to learn a new skill, you open your mind to greater creativity and can become even more productive.

Mixology New things to try take a class Tax Return Adventures
#6) Treat you and your friends to the city's finest dining


While Chipotle and Buffalo Wild Wings work for a casual weekend hangout, the top culinary chefs in your city is something to explore. Take a weekend to dress up and treat yourself to four courses.



#7) Buy a classic suit


A nice suit can break the bank, but it will also give you your passage into adulthood. Consider it an investment that you can hopefully use for many years to come. 



#8) Rent an Airbnb in your own town


Call it a staycation or being a tourist in your own city, but exploring your own backyard from someone else’s pad can give you a new found sentiment for your home or make you feel like royalty.


Airbnb living room design couch minimilism staycation


#9) Book a trip to visit an old friend


Remember that high school best friend that you promise to visit every time you meet up with when home for the holidays? Well there’s no better time to check out their new pad than when you actually have a few extra dollars in the bank. Because if not now, when?



#10) Crowd Fund a New Venture or Charitable Cause


Supporting raisin free trail mix might give you a stake in a striking success or a flat face fall. After all, they do say – no risk, no reward. Want to play it safe, consider cyber successes like the instant printing camera case for your phone that reached 1 million dollars in a week.

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