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Steam Bath

Clean the impurities of your skin with

this incredible bath

Hot Steam Bath

Live a relaxing experience with our bathroom in El Refugio SPA, one of the first Spas in Ecuador.


The herbal medicinal steam bath removes toxins from the blood and cleanses impurities from the skin, aiding good circulation, harmonizes the nervous system and regains thermal balance.


With our services we demonstrate that the harmony of the body, mind and spirit is not found in luxuries, or expensive treatments, but returning to nature, eliminating repressed emotions, discharging negative energies, pampering our body and caressing our soul.


Experience this ancestral experience yourself and how you renew your mind, body and spirit.


All these in our clean and comfortable facilities.


Location: Ecuador - Tungurahua - Baños - Camino Real - Barrio San Vicente


Phone Number: 593 (03) 2740-482 / 03-2742-707





  • Shower cap.

  • Medicinal water.

  • Mud mask.

  • Organic fruit.



45 min

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