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Mindo Butterfly House

Over 100 butterfly species in one garden


Operating Hours: Everyday Monday through Sunday

from 9:00am - 4:00 pm


Address:  Mindo Sector La Yaguira - 2km from town of Mindo


Telephone Number: +593 99 920 2124


Website: Mariposas del Mindo


Tour Info: Ticket provides entrance into the butterfly garden.


Admire and have fun in Mindo's unique butterfly interactive garden, learning the 4 stages of a butterfly's life. In the exhibition area you can experience the feeding of 25 colorful butterfly species and observe about 1,200 butterflies at the same time flying around and landing on you. 


The butterfly house is on the campus of Hosteria Mariposas de Mindo, a full service hotel. The exhibition has more butterfly species and other creatures flying in its facilities than anywhere else around and has become a must-go attraction in Mindo. The garden works hard to foster the longevity of species and part of the butterfly production is released into the environment to provide a balance in the ecosystem.


Mindo's butterfly farm is only 2 km away from the centre of tonw. You can easily walk there , bike there with your rented bike, or take a $1.50 USD cab ride. 


This attraction is on the way to the Mindo Canopy base camp and to the cable car to the waterfalls

Attraction Tips

Bring a camera for great photo opportunities.


Try to visit in the mornings from 10am to 12 pm because that's when it's usually sunnier and butterflies will be flying around. Great for all kinds of travelers: kids, seniors, and families included!


Don't use insect repelent.


Nearby Amenities

If you are still looking for lodging in Mindo, consider staying at the accompanied hotel - Hosteria Mariposas de Mindo.


There is also a restaurant at the location if you are looking to dine.

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