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When I was a high school freshman, I began my “Bucket List”. However, it wasn’t until six years later that I realized the personal importance of the items. 


▢ Travel to another country

▢ Become fluent in a second language

▢ Jump out of a moving plane

▢ Visit my grandma’s hometown


Most importantly, I wanted to see the world, seek new adventures, and I longed to authentically experience new cultures. When I first stepped onto foreign soil in Quito, Ecuador, four years later, I was able to mark the first item off my list.


Whether it’s written down in a journal, memorized in our hearts, or remembered when chatting with a best friend over coffee, we all have a list of “must-dos”, “must-gos”, and must-sees”. So we created Bucket. With Bucket, we want to unite the dreamer with the doer, thus helping fellow travelers easily find the top destinations a city can offer. We seek to marry the list maker to the risk taker by providing access to exploration with a convenient, digital system that current tourism in developing cities doesn’t offer. But most importantly, we strive to unleash adventurers to make a few checks off their bucket list by providing savings that can make the unreachable – reachable.


So here’s to the explorers and tourists who never stop voyaging, you make us proud to share Bucket with the world.

December 1st, 2014

Published by

Karissa Jobman

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