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FAQs for the Bucket Explore Program

1. What kind of activities or experiences can I submit?

Basically, any type of experience can be submitted. Each application will be reviewed and analyzed prior to approval. We will prioritize experiences that guarantee activities in specific days, hours and locations with no need of reservations in advance. We recommend well structured, authentic and local experiences, attractive for tourists and locals.

2. How much will I get paid?

We will work together to set the right price for your experience, according to the market, your costs of providing this experience and the competitiveness against similar services. In order to set that price, we'll need to consider the commissions that the companies we work with charge (Tripadvisor, Expedia, etc.).

3. When and how will I get paid?

All payments will be made via Paypal 15 days after we receive your monthly invoice.

4. Is there a cost to apply or uploading my experiences?

Applying, uploading and mantainign your experiences has no cost. We will do this on our end for free.

5. What are the requirements to be accepted in Bucket Explore?

Besides being a well-structured and interesting activity, we are looking for activities that can guarantee it's service at least once per week on specific day(s) and time(s). It must also be an activity that is regularly offered (for at least the next 12 months). You must have an e-mail address as you will receive your reservations here up to 2 hours before your experience begins. This is why, if the offered experience is part of your daily routine or hobby, it’s perfect. In addition, according to our agreement, you’ll have to guarantee security measures if your experience involves any risks or adventure and insurance for each participant according to local laws of each country. The permanence of your experience in all the sales channels will exclusively depend on demand, quality, qualifications and reviews received by all of your clients. On average, you must have at least a 4/5 qualification to keep your experience online.

6. For how long will Bucket Explore work?

Our company has provided similar touristic services for many years, so we expect all the new experiences in this project can stay for many years as well. It will be a shared responsibility but it’s always on your hands to innovate and keep up to date with the market to stay with us for a long time.

7. When will Bucket Explore start?

Immediately! Once the current conditions due to Covid-19 come to an end and life starts going back to normal, experiences will be available for all travelers around the World. We will always depend and adapt on local regulations with the current circumstances.

8. What happens if I’m not able to offer the experience in a specific day and/or time?

We will have an email you can write to in case you need to close a few dates of your calendar (with 24+ business hours of anticipation). We do understand unforeseen situations will exist and if this happens, clients will be informed and receive a full refund. Other cancellation policies will be explained in our agreement if your experience is approved.

9. In which languages am I supposed to operate my experience?

English is required as this is the universal language for travel. Other languages are always encouraged.

10. Do I have to sign a contact?

Yes, once your experience is approved by Bucket Explore team, you’ll receive an e-mail with instructions, as well as the contract which must be signed by you. This contract will last 12 months and it is automatically renewable. It can always be suspended with a written notification within 30 days.

11. Who are my potential clients? Where are they from?

Your experience will be promoted and sold worldwide; this means your clients will be from different places from all around the world. Your clients will be people truly interested for the experience you are offering so you’ll reach different profiles in terms of gender, ages, interests, culture, religion, etc. we wont discriminate nobody and we won’t accept activities that discriminate in any way.

12. How far in advance will I receive these bookings / reservations?

You’ll receive a confirmation e-mail with all the customer’s details (name, dates, time, etc.) when a customer books your experience. This can happen months in advance or sometimes at the last minute (4 hours in advance) so you must always be prepared.

13. Do I need to own a space to operate my experience?

You don't need to have a space of your own, but you need to be able to provide your experience in a specific place always (this can be a park, a restaurant, a cafe, anything). However, an important part of the experience you will offer is having the adequate space to operate it exactly as it is described. The place must be defined with anticipation and directions need to be clear as explorers or clients will receive their confirmation with the specific address and details.

14. What information is required when submitting my experience?

We’ll need detailed information about the experience you are willing to offer: contact information, who will operate the experience, times, days, location, length, prices, pictures. This will help us validate your experience. You must be very clear with the information and show it is well structured for clients.

15. Prices are per person or per activity?

It depends on the type of experience, we will work with you to see what's the best approach according to your situation.

16. How many people will I receive?

It varies, there is not a minimum of people required for us to promote your experience. If in any case, you need a minimum of participants to offer this experience, you’ll have to specify it in your application. By the way, we do not recommend establishing a minimum of participants as this would decrease your chances of getting booked.

17. Can I ask participants to bring any materials or include that in the pricing?

Yes, you can do so if needed. However, we highly suggest that you provide all the materials to your clients and include them in your costs, we believe you’ll add value to the experience this way.

18. Can I sell my experience to other people of businesses?

Yes, you can directly promote your experience, except for the channels where we will promote it such as OTA’s (online travel agencies) and other travel agencies. If you chose to promote your experience directly, you will commit to promote them at the same and never lower prices than ours. If you promote this experience at a lower price than what we have advertised, you’ll be automatically be removed from Bucket Explore.

19. Who can I contact if I have more questions?

You can contact us via e-mail for any questions or comments you have during the submission process:

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