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5 things you can do only at the middle of the world

December 06, 2018

Published by

Moisés Vivas Luna

5 Things you can only do when you’re in the middle of the world.

If you are visiting Ecuador, you must visit one of the most representative attractions of this destination such as the middle of the world, because that is actually the main condition and purpose of the name of the country: “Ecuador” (Which is the Spanish translation from Equator), is definitely a wonderful destination in Latin America, and besides the amazing mountains, beaches, islands and forests it has to offer, it also gives us the opportunity to experiment the equatorial line in a very unique, interesting and funny way: The Middle of the World Monument.


Ciudad Mitad del Mundo (City of the middle of the world), is located at San Antonio parish of the canton of Quito, 26 km north of the center of Quito and it marks the line that divides the earth in 2 hemispheres. However, the fact of cutting the earth in the half is just one of the very interesting activities you can experience while visiting this place, due to the geographic location in the globe and the way gravity and other natural elements behave in this particular areas, you could feel, see and learn the phenomena that occur in there.

Below, we have written down 5 things you should definitely do while visiting the Middle of the World in your journey around Ecuador:


Balancing an Egg on a nail: Due to the rotation of the Earth, the bodies experience a centrifugal force that varies according to latitude: it is zero at the poles and maximum at the equator. This centrifugal force decreases the effect of gravitational attraction and diverts it from its original direction towards the center of the Earth. Therefore, it is because of this phenomenon that it is possible and very easy to balance an egg on a nail, as soon as you get to the place, you will see some people trying to do this, try it yourself and take a picture when you make it!


























Put your feet in different hemispheres: As the line found in here marks the equatorial line, which divides the earth in northern and southern hemisphere, you will be able to put one of your feet in north hemisphere while your other feet will be in the south hemisphere! This is a very interesting activity; let your body feel the harmony of being in the middle of our planet, many people also say that it is a little bit difficult for them to walk throughout the line and keep the 100% of your balance.

























Your weight is less! Have you ever wanted to lose weight quickly? Well, if you visit the middle of the world, you will probably lose 1 kg or more immediately, isn’t this awesome? The same phenomenon that makes the balancing an egg on a nail possible, is the one that makes you weigh less than normally, since the gravity force is lower, you will feel lighter.






















Try to guess the exact time of the day by studying the relation of your shadow on the floor or on some solar watches: As the sunrays fall perpendicularly, it is so easy and quite exact to measure the time while watching your shadow reflected on the floor or comparing it to some of the solar watches found in the area.






















Appreciate the Coriolis Effect on his maximum splendor: The Coriolis effect describes the pattern of deflection taken by objects not firmly connected to the ground as they travel long distances around and above the Earth. The Coriolis Effect is responsible for many large-scale weather patterns.


The key to the Coriolis Effect lies in the Earth’s rotation. Specifically, the Earth rotates faster at the Equator than it does at the poles.  The Coriolis Effect makes the elements swirl clockwise in the Southern hemisphere and counterclockwise in the Northern Hemisphere, they can be either water, storms, spheres and others.


While visiting the middle of the world, you could appreciate this incredible phenomenon by watching the swirl of the water going down in a washbasin in the northern hemisphere and then, walk to the south and compare the same experiment and you will notice the way the water flows definitely change.























Of course, all these phenomena occurs along the equatorial line around the world, however, any country offers experiences like the ones you can live and experiment in the middle of the world in Ecuador since in other countries this line is among dense jungles and forest or inhospitable places.


Visit Ciudad Mitad del Mundo and enjoy an incredible experience that will teach you a lot about science in a very unique and funny ways, we guarantee you will have wonderful memories at the end of the day!

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