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July 20th, 2015

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Karissa Jobman

Top Things to do in Quito, Ecuador

Quito is a rising city in Latin America, filled with culture, tradition, and history. With all that there is to do, when you visit, make sure to check out these must-see, must-do attractions to experience the city. We spent over a year thinking of what places needed to be on this list and here are the reasons why:

Middle of the World view from the top visit the equator visit quito top attractions in ecuador
1. Mitad del Mundo


There are only a few places in the world where you can take a picture with one foot in each hemisphere. In order to honor the historical efforts of the geodesic mission, the equatorial monument was built 13 kilometers north of the center of Quito. The Mitad del Mundo complex also has a planetarium, a miniature model of colonial Quito in its permanent exhibit, an Insectarium, and several mini museums.


Fun fact: Here you can also see how to balance an egg on a nail and how the Coriolis effect affects the way in which water flows.

Historic Church in Quito Ecuador what to visit in Quito centro historico quito Ecuador historic center Church of the Society of Jesus Baroque Architecture visit Ecuador South America
2. Iglesia de la Compañía


Located in the historic district, it took over 160 years to complete the structure of La Compañía (known as the Church of the Society of Jesus in English). The Spanish Baroque architects profusely decorated the church's interior with gilded ceilings and exterior with intricate stone carvings, making it recognized today as the most awe-inspiring and beautiful church in the city.


Take a while to study the impressive detail of the central nave and save time to visit the main altar and religious paintings in Quito’s #1 attraction voted by Trip Advisor. 

Visit the Capilla del Hombre and home of the famous Oswaldo Guayasamin in Quito Ecuador, known as one of the top art museums in Quito, Ecuador. South American artist.
3. Capilla del Hombre


The "Capilla del Hombre" (Chapel of Man) is the tribute to the most important Ecuadorian visual artist of all times, Oswaldo Guayasamín. Here you will find pre-Columbian archaeological objects, artifacts of colonial times and, of course, all the work and collection of this famous artist.


In the Capilla del Hombre you will see the "Eternal Flame" advocating for peace and human rights, and the "Tree of Life", where the remains of the artist are. Within the complex, you can also visit Guayasamín home, having the chance to step into his studio to see where we lived and worked.

Quito Tour Bus Virgin del Panecillo - visit Quito in a double decker bus to get the best view of the city, see the centro historico, la Ronda, Iglesia de la Basilica, seeing the top places in Quito, Ecuador
4. Quito Tour Bus


The hop-on, hop-off bus not only takes you to many of the top attractions around the city, but also gives you the historical relevance of the cultural sites. The ride takes about three hours and it starts in the North of Quito. You will cross the city in twelve stops hitting strategic tourist spots in the historical district of Quito. With the hop-on, hop-off bus, you are allowed to visit the city at your own pace, making Quito Tour Bus the best way to learn about and navigate Quito.

Visit two attractions: Museo de la Ciudad and El Museo del Carmen Alto, a former convent and monastery in Quito, Ecuador when visiting South America
 5. Museo de la Ciudad y el Carmen Alto


Since both are run by the same foundation, take the afternoon to check out both of these neighboring attractions in the Historic Center of Quito.  Museo de la Ciudad is housed in Quito's oldest building, dating back to 1565; the site is the former San Juan de Dios Hospital. This city museum chronicles the history of the Quito from its earliest inhabitants until the 20th century. With a wide variety of exhibitions, the museum explores daily life of Ecuador's cultures, traditions, dress, and cuisine.


El Monasterio del Carmen Alto is probably the most important monastery in the city as it is the site where Ecuador's first saint, Mariana de Jesus, lived and died. Walk around the painted the halls of this treasure that features religious artworks and gives an opportunity to learn about the lives of nuns in the monastery.


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