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December 31rd, 2015

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Karissa Jobman

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Have that list of things you want to accomplish before you kick the bucket in the back of your head? Studies show that those who write down their goals are 42% more likely to take action. So this new years, make a phone memo or write it down. To help, we’ve decided to compile a list of bucket list items to complete within 2016. So here’s to a year of travel, adventure, and building relationships.



#1) Go Overseas with your Best Friend


It might sound like a large financial investment, but if you’re flexible with your travel, you can find flights cheap. Check out the trending Icelandic airline, WOW Air, that offers roundtrip flights to Europe for under $500. Use IcelandAir and they even let you opt for a layover in Iceland for 7 nights.



6 Bucket List Items to Complete in 2016

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#2) Spend the Night in a Tree House


Let the childhood dream of living in a tree house come true, with all of the modern advancements. Head up to Vancouver to stay in a Free Spirit Sphere in an enchanted coastal rain forest or check out this great listing of tree houses for rent around the world.



#3) Host Travelers


Dare to take travelers into your home? It’s unlikely you’ll regret it. When you host travelers, you get the chance to share the magic of your city and learn about their culture in return. For some good stories with backpackers, open up your living room to Couchsurfers or make some extra income by hosting on Airbnb.


Couchsurfing, Couchsurfers, Host Travelers
#4) Visit 3 New States


One of the most popular American bucket list items is to visit all 50 states. Make a dent this year by exploring three new states. Think about picking a region, like the midwest or Northeast, and doing a roadtrip. You can track your state and world travel count on the mobile app called Been.


Track where you have traveled in the United States, Mobile app
#5) Go Scuba Diving


Experience underwater biodiversity up close. Did you know that once you get to depths beyond 10 meters under, you can’t see red or yellow. This month, Bucket will be expanding to a new destination which includes scuba diving with sharks, so stay in touch!


Scuba Diving Galapagos, visit galapagos islands
#6) Run a Half Marathon


Sixty-six percent of resolution makers have fitness goals on their list, but only a margin of those actually come to fruition. This year, sign up for a half marathon in the fall and give yourself mini check points by running 5 and 10k races throughout the year. Recruit friends or family and make a financial commitment to the race, making you much more likely to reach your goal.


run a half marathon
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